The world seems stuck in a loop.

But in the cracks,

There are stories of a third way.

The podcast.

Every day, we are all consumed by uncertain decisions that will either support existing paradigms or build new ones. Dancing In-between is a show that offers no conclusions.

Instead, we explore new paths, learning from mavericks and changemakers who are dancing in-between realities. In each episode, we invite ideas, concepts, and humans that challenge our perspectives and shake our foundations.

From architecture to activism, from education to business, from art to politics, from South Africa to the World – join us on an epic trek as we unfold and reshape our realities.

The structure.

Time & Topics

It will be approximately 1 hour of easy-going conversation, so no need to prepare for anything. All you have to do is to show up. Remember: We can always edit/cut the recordings, so don’t worry if you feel like you said something wrong. We’ll fix it. You will always have final cut.

Further down, we’ve shared some prompts that can help us identify the topics that will make this a great conversation. We’ll check in with you during the first 5 min pre-recording in case some ideas come to mind.


Media outlets

The audio will be published as a podcast on our website, social media, and newsletter. With your permission, we will tag you on social media and create short content that you are free to share about the episode.


For now, it will solely be based on audio, thus no need to worry about video (we would like to use a photo of you however, for your episode).

In person: We’ll bring our microphone and would need about 10 minutes before the interview starts to install ourselves and make sure the sound is at its best.

Remote: we’ll send a link to the online recording platform and use the first minutes to check that everything’s working.

The conversation.

Prompts and considerations

  • What would make this interview a ‘home run’ for you personally? This can inform how we steer the conversation.
  • Are there any particular stories or experiences that you’d like to share or that often get a positive response? If so, you’re welcome to share a ‘prompt’ or cue before the interview that I can use bring up during our conversation.
  • Is there anything that you absolutely don’t want to talk about?
  • Is there anything that you’re just sick of talking about?
  • Are there any topics or questions that you think would be fun for us and the audience to chat about?
  • Do you have any favourite long-piece interviews?
  • Based on your experience, what are things that we as a society (or a specific industry) need to unlearn?
  • What are the stories that you believe are not being told enough?
  • What is something you’ve changed your mind about recently?

Final notes.

Once again, you, as all our guests, have the final cut. You’re welcome to listen to the final audio before publishing and any edits you want to make, we will make.

See you soon!

/ Mo & the Akoma team