Akoma is a collective of people and ventures that challenge outdated systems.


Shifting society from a culture of exploitation to one of compassion and regeneration.

Akoma is a steward-ownership organisation, an alternative mode of ownership for purpose-driven businesses.

We champion initiatives that act as catalysts for the ecological, economic, and social health of the surrounding areas. This is true whether it is a farm, a school or an apartment complex.

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Lounging at the Troyeville House, Akoma

Chapel & People, The Troyeville House.

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Akoma Developments

Design and development using proven, regenerative methods that enable beautiful and healthy projects.

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A specialist green building contractor, focusing on rammed earth and biomimetic wastewater treatment.

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The Troyeville House

Bringing together a community of changemakers to live, work and play.

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Akoma Foundation

Seeking to enhance people’s ecological awareness, social communion, and entrepreneurship.

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